Saturday, September 30, 2006

This dhwani is Celestial .. !

Now its 3:14 am.. Back in Hostel, just now.
All guests also having a rocking time in here- guys from other colleges getting a taste of CET life and MH life together...!
These days , LH can stay as late as 2 :30 am...Imagine how powerful Dhwani is !

It was the third day , and everything so far was greaaattt...
no , not just "great" ... It is sure that I will never see anything like this again.
Never in kerala for sure.

All the hard work is getting rewarded..
The sponsorship people who sacked in a whopping sum, all the juniors who showed the right spirit,the college authorities, one and all who wished well for dhwani..

This DHWANI 06 , It will stay in our memory forever .
Tomorrow 7 pm,

"Woh chali woh cali...."
yes , Bombay vikings !

(already late to sleep... byee)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Another edition.....another fun fest

This is my first blog ever, and I guess it is fitting that it is about Dhwani, something very close to my heart. I had been mulling over the idea of joining Blogdom for a while now, but have never gotten around to starting off, till now. Before you wonder, why an event in my ol' alma mater is so close to my heart as to overcome that inertia, let me share that with all of you. CET has had a few cul-fests over the years, in the 90's, under various names. In '99, as I joined the college, the first "Dhwani" was held under the wings of the almighty CETEX, an exibhition held in CET every 10 years or, yeah reminds you of the Halley's Comet in frequency! After that, nothing stirred for a while.

In 2001, a bunch of us - all in S3 and fresh from the excitement of Mood Indigo at IIT-B, wondered why we shouldn't have a similar, earthshaking cultural extravaganza in CET. After all we are as good as any...! So, on one mid-summer afty under a tree in the Museum campus, the idea of "Dhwani" as we know it was born!

I remember that bunch of guys - Sabari, Arun, Jobin, Brahma, Sreeram, Ebin and yours truely, hope I haven't missed any of you, amigos - who met that day and charted out the framework of the event as we visualised it then.

Discussing under a clear blue sky, we took the sky as the limit, and initial plans were a bit grandiose. Images of Mood Indigo flashed vividly in our minds and we wanted to match. The small mater that MI had a budget of around Rs 45 Lakhs while we had about 45 bucks among the lot of us didn't limit our planning, lol!

Our seniors at the time, a wonderful bunch of people, were very supportive and the idea grew. Along the way, we conducted the first edition of CET's own Film Festival, ffCET, and this gave us confidence we would make good event managers. Thus, the journey started.....

And that journey was a interesting and trying one, enough to populate the pages of any respectable saga, lol! Those of us involved with Dhwani 2002 will never forget it. Tightening budgets......empty pockets....midnight oil.....employee strikes.....we faced them all but those three days Feb 14, 15 and 16 are unforgettable. That's a long story and I leave it for another day...!

In the meantime, it is heartening to see the heights that Dhwani 2006 is trying to scale, four short years from its inception. A lot in CET has changed.....we never had the chance to ask each other how many jobs we had, the emphasis was on getting any job under the Sun in those days.....nor did we even imagine about getting a top notch International band for the Pro-nite (Balabhaskar was a wish come true then!), but the excitement about Dhwani has NOT changed and that's absolutely great. That eventhough few in the College were there when Dhwani started off, even greater excitement is manifest these days in campus, is indeed amazing! Great work so far and I hope to attend yet another fun-filled Dhwani.....the best one yet.

Ahem.....where can I get a pass??!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Onam holls and DhwanI

Before writing anything on dhwani or onam i would like to give my regards to abdu for making this blog page beautiful... u will have to thank for his operated leg. Otherwise he wont have time for this..
I was thinking about the mistimingof Onam. Even though its keralites festival , i am afraid whether it would cause any hindrance to cetians festival DHWANI ...I hope we will manage it...

Presently we are back home after a lot of jobless days at college... it was all onam celebs, feast sadhya pulikkali and all. but still the most awaited dhwani is abt 20 days apart...

Talking on Dhwani i will say it as any cetians national festival haha.. the colour and ambience is so high... the whole city reverberates and everyone is really invited.. As we missed it the last time due to some technical difficulties,this time the whole spirit is going to get summed up..

This time DHWANI is different from the last one with a PROSHOW. Eventhough the troop is not fixed ,there are a lot of news in the air.Any way we expect it as a major event...

And we are really expecting that this one is going to be the biggest festival in Kerala,or probably South India... All eyes will be on us, and we will have to deliver the expectations..

Any way i am sure from 28th to 1st of oct CET is going to be in full colors ,full prestige , full be there...enjoy it DHWANI 06....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The august days , placements, and now, ' Dhwani '06 ' !...

Its now 10 PM.. The day was special , as 10 more of us got placed today. Larsen and Toubro had been camping for 3 days , and at last 7 mechs and 3 electricals were selected.

Zam Zam Ice Fruits Restaurant ; 2 Hours ago.......

Are those cool Ice-fruits guys seeing too much of CET lately ? Its like a raid sometimes , 60 - 70 people hanging out over there after a good day at the CGPU (Career Guidance And Placements Unit , CET ) . Even while we try to be in our gentlest there , families keep on staring - at the spirit. And in many eyes we can see pure jealousy.Yes, This college life rocks.

Chicken Shawai after a Shawarma gets onto my soul as I spice it up with the mayonnaise on the Khuboos. 'Commplicated'? No its very simple. You Better experience it.

For around 70 guys from CET the total bill was 6,750. It includes guys from the Mens Hostel , some from Emmaus , Lakshmi lodge .... Chintu of mech came with his Mar Baselios friend. I just get a feeling that CET should be a reason to celebrate for other colleges as well.. Why not? Cheers!!!

[ Forget it , my purse is empty ;) When 25 of us celebrated CTS in MP the scapegoats ( ' CTS engineers ' ) had to pay 6,260 rupees ! ]

Please take a look at the shawai .. mm...

Cooking is the greatest art in the world.

We pity You , Dear LHites ! (.. and girls in general )

Look at our crazy days , night -outs....The way we enjoy the night life.. The wind in our hair...

Dont worry , Your day will come.. The only problem is the looong waiting ..haha.. "Hope our husbands will take us out..!"

Personally , I will stop breathing if I cant go for a second show or I cant play cricket.. ( at least in the backyard ! )

As we waited for a Kulathoor - Kazhakkoottam line bus , a college bus came . Sweet timing . Free transportation . And the big feeling of being a CETian came up in our minds .Then someone started a discussion on Dhwani '06. The very own thing of every CETian .

September has come.........

The whole of the South Indian campus life looks upto us now. We know , we are aware.

The blog

A blog was started on 25th of august. The aim of the same is to invite discussions and suggestions , about Dhwani. Informality shall be the main attraction.
You can air your views , even some photographs ... A picture of shawai chicken can trigger high euphoria for many of saw it. Just like that , you are going to hear about Dhwani from many bloggers , at the very site you are watching now..!

So why are you waiting for ..? Just log in and start posting !

[ Check out for details from the moderator]

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Welcome to The Blog of Dhwani '06, the biggest cultural fest of Kerala hosted by College of Engineering Trivandrum. Here the celebrations are just days away when every nook & corner of CET will be brightened by the flair of youth as ‘Dhwani 06’ transcends into the serene campus on Sept 28 to Oct 1..

On this blog we will keep updating all the happenings and behind the scene information of Dhwani '06. Welcome once again..

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